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Well, when I recently shouted the current coupon code at least a dozen people had no clue about it, and half of those had no idea where to put the coupon code in.

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Hence, why I made the thread. And ironically enough, by attempting to troll this thread that was meant for reference and to help those find it easier, you've increased my post count further so please, continue to fail troll. You cannot verify that at all I, for one, come to these forums all the time I r has dem.

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Surreal commented. In case your comment is directed at me, I'm not sure if you missed it, but I did say it was nice of him to be helpful both in game and by posting this here on the forum.’s 10th Anniversary Coupon Giveaway

I did not miss it. So what if cyber wants to increase his post count I don't see why people would be offended by that unless somehow their own ego is affected by it Its not like there are so many threads started each day that his 2 or so new threads each day are congesting the forums I just really don't get the hate I propose a new forum rule LOL cyber you have a fan gurl, and nice self esteem!

Darn roach. If there are more coupon codes, feel free to open up a new thread. This was just sharing one code which expired a long time ago.

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OK Cancel. In addition to daily giveaways, players will be able to get extra rewards for 3, 7 and 10 days of attendance. To find out about the prizes that will be unlocked, check out the news post on the game website..


In honor of the season, the company has granted us a bundle of keys with goodies for whichever of the games is your favorite. Next, choose a server and create a new character. Then follow the steps for existing players above. Promo Codes & Coupons

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